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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    What trucking CEOs say about the vaccine mandate

    The future of the Biden administration's employer mandate for COVID-19 vaccines and regular testing is uncertain, so fleets are planning for multiple scenarios.

    By Dec. 7, 2021
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    Supply chain stakeholders offer incentives to keep trucks moving through West Coast ports

    One ocean carrier offers $200 per container for night and weekend pickups.

    By Dec. 3, 2021
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    Adeline Kon/Transport Dive
    Deep Dive

    Did FMCSA Clearinghouse shrink the driver pool and challenge recruitment?

    The answer depends on who in the transport industry you ask.

    By Nov. 29, 2021
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    Kenny Holston via Getty Images

    8 industry reactions: How the infrastructure deal could change supply chains

    President Joe Biden's signature paves the way for $100 billion in funding for roads and bridges. Here’s what trade associations are saying.

    By Alejandra Salgado • Nov. 24, 2021
  • California to ease weight limits for trucks hauling from congested San Pedro Bay ports

    In California, weights are among the most restrictive in the U.S., which creates what one expert called "a wall of inefficiency."

    By Nov. 18, 2021
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    Biden signs $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

    Along with repairing roads and bridges, the funding is likely to increase demand for flatbed services, while possibly upping competition for labor.

    By Updated Nov. 15, 2021
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    The transition to 24/7 supply chains, and the pursuit of long-term solutions

    Labor and equipment shortages are acute, but many industry stakeholders say the problems that led us here are nothing new.

    Updated Dec. 6, 2021
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    Trucking and the vaccine mandate

    Court stays OSHA vaccine mandate

    The rule, which requires vaccines or regular tests, applies to businesses with at least 100 employees; independent contractors do not count toward that total.

    By Ryan Golden , Max Garland • Updated Nov. 8, 2021
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    ATA's Costello: Trucking alone can't solve the 80K driver shortage

    TL carriers should focus on recruitment, and shippers must also do their part to lower wait times.

    By Oct. 25, 2021
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    Megan Quinn/Transport Dive

    To go greener, fleets of all sizes need access to federal funding

    Smaller trucking firms especially will need financial assistance to adopt greener equipment. That's where the STEER Act can help, the author writes.

    By Daniel Burrows • Oct. 25, 2021
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    The image by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

    California orders agencies to identify 'priority freight routes' for trucking weight exemptions

    Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a nine-point executive order in pursuit of short- and long-term ideas to ease supply chain congestion.

    By Edwin Lopez • Oct. 21, 2021
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    Courtesy of XPO.

    XPO Logistics calls terms of $30M driver misclassification settlement 'favorable'

    A federal judge approved two preliminary settlements on behalf of 784 of the carrier's current and former first-seat port drivers in California.

    By Oct. 14, 2021
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    Supreme Court declines to hear Cal Cartage AB5 case, but CTA readies for battle

    The head of the CTA said he hopes his group will get another chance to go at-bat for trucking in the nation's highest court.

    By Oct. 5, 2021
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    Irked by vaccine mandate, large trucking firms speak out

    The American Trucking Associations filed a lawsuit against the mandate, citing its "devastating impacts on the supply chain and the economy."

    By Updated Nov. 10, 2021
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    Kate Tornone/Transport Dive

    Court: Trucking company's strength test discriminated against women for driver positions

    The onus is on employers to prove tests are job-related, especially as the trucking industry tries to encourage more women to join the workforce.

    By Katie Clarey • Sept. 20, 2021
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    Paula Bronstein via Getty Images

    FMC moves ahead on detention, demurrage guidance

    The Federal Maritime Commission is addressing complaint proceedings and retaliation, as well as how ocean carriers should divulge information.

    By Alejandra Salgado • Sept. 17, 2021
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    Megan Quinn/Transport Dive

    House committee approves $150B plan for clean electricity, including EV infrastructure

    The Clean Electricity Performance Program is part of the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package, which contains $5 billion for heavy-duty electric vehicles.

    By Jason Plautz • Updated Sept. 15, 2021
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    Courtesy of Hyzon

    Money and range: Experts note roadblocks to EV adoption

    The smaller the truck, the smaller the battery, which is why fleets such as PepsiCo's target medium-duty vehicles for electrification.

    By Sept. 14, 2021
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    Alex Wong via Getty Images

    Feds to require large employers mandate coronavirus vaccine or weekly negative tests

    The requirements will impact some 80 million private-sector workers, in addition to many federal employees and contractors, the White House said.

    By Ryan Golden • Sept. 10, 2021
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    Tim Boyle/Getty Images via Getty Images

    3 cities receive grants to reach 100% zero-emissions commercial vehicles by 2030

    Chicago, San Diego, and San Jose, California, each won $100,000 to fund projects such as an urban freight working group.

    By Cailin Crowe • Sept. 8, 2021
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    Permission granted by Mack

    Tesla made electric trucks 'cool.' Now fleets face financial hurdles.

    Total cost of ownership for electric trucks is more attractive than diesel, a Navistar executive said at ACT Expo. But issues around charging are significant.

    By Aug. 31, 2021
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    I-45 highway widening in Texas shows challenges with federal funding

    As federal and local officials decry the controversial Houston-area project, the infrastructure bill could make it easier for states to fund similar projects.

    By Cailin Crowe • Aug. 27, 2021
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    Adeline Kon/Transport Dive

    Can hydrogen regulations benefit transport and utilities?

    Nikola intends to approach the California legislature with a proposal in the next session that it believes would help bring down the cost of hydrogen production.

    By Emma Penrod • Aug. 20, 2021
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    Fleets turn to tech for protection against 'nuclear verdicts'

    It's not enough to gather safety data. Trucking firms must also act on it.

    By Aug. 18, 2021
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    Stefan Zaklin / Stringer / via Getty Images via Getty Images

    Senate passes $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

    The legislation includes $110 billion for improvements to roads and bridges, in addition to expanding electric vehicle capabilities.

    By Zachary Phillips , Aug. 10, 2021