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    Feds to require large employers mandate coronavirus vaccine or weekly negative tests

    The requirements will impact some 80 million private-sector workers, in addition to many federal employees and contractors, the White House said.

    By Ryan Golden • Sept. 10, 2021
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    3 cities receive grants to reach 100% zero-emissions commercial vehicles by 2030

    Chicago, San Diego, and San Jose, California, each won $100,000 to fund projects such as an urban freight working group.

    By Cailin Crowe • Sept. 8, 2021
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    Permission granted by Mack

    Tesla made electric trucks 'cool.' Now fleets face financial hurdles.

    Total cost of ownership for electric trucks is more attractive than diesel, a Navistar executive said at ACT Expo. But issues around charging are significant.

    By Aug. 31, 2021
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    I-45 highway widening in Texas shows challenges with federal funding

    As federal and local officials decry the controversial Houston-area project, the infrastructure bill could make it easier for states to fund similar projects.

    By Cailin Crowe • Aug. 27, 2021
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    Adeline Kon/Transport Dive

    Can hydrogen regulations benefit transport and utilities?

    Nikola intends to approach the California legislature with a proposal in the next session that it believes would help bring down the cost of hydrogen production.

    By Emma Penrod • Aug. 20, 2021
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    Fleets turn to tech for protection against 'nuclear verdicts'

    It's not enough to gather safety data. Trucking firms must also act on it.

    By Aug. 18, 2021
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    Stefan Zaklin / Stringer / via Getty Images via Getty Images

    Senate passes $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

    The legislation includes $110 billion for improvements to roads and bridges, in addition to expanding electric vehicle capabilities.

    By Zachary Phillips , Aug. 10, 2021
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    Courtesy of Nikola

    Nikola to pay $125M to settle fraud charges

    The fraud charges, announced in July, dealt a blow to Nikola's reputation. 

    By Updated Dec. 21, 2021
  • FMC starts permanent program to oversee detention, demurrage

    The agency said it will audit the nine largest ocean carriers and review their billing practices.

    By Matt Leonard • July 21, 2021
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    Trucking mulls impacts on drivers, equipment with infrastructure bill on the horizon

    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework allocates $109 billion for roads, bridges and "major projects." But more construction could take flatbeds out of circulation.

    By June 25, 2021
  • Senators propose emissions tax on large corporations

    The bill would impact areas most affected by carbon emissions, like those located near highways and industrial complexes.

    By Chris Teale • June 25, 2021
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    Courtesy of Comcar

    Texas trucking officials score tort reform win

    Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that doesn't allow lawsuits against vehicle operators until the driver is found liable in a court decision.

    By June 18, 2021
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    Tim Boyle via Getty Images

    Put parking in the infrastructure bill

    Research has provided the raw data necessary to inform future legislation on this issue. It's time for Congress to act, the author writes.

    By David Powell • June 16, 2021
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    Archaic regulations hurt industry's ability to recruit young truck drivers

    While trucking safety technology has evolved significantly to meet the realities of 2021, age restrictions on hauling interstate loads has not, the author writes.

    By Mark S. Allen • June 14, 2021
  • What a truck-specific VMT tax would mean for the industry

    Trucking associations blasted a tax proposal from Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas and raised concerns about the effects on small fleets.

    By June 1, 2021
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    Courtesy of Volvo Trucks

    Port of Long Beach exempts natural gas trucks from impending emissions fee

    The exemption aims to incentivize the trucking industry to adopt cleaner fuels while electric and hydrogen technology scale. 

    By May 26, 2021
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    Biden's plan pushes the limits of the definition of infrastructure

    A sweeping bill may be too overreaching to make it through Congress, the author writes.

    By Eric R. Byer • May 7, 2021
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    David McNew via Getty Images

    Trucking vows to fight back after California clears the way for AB5

    The California Trucking Association is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court, after an appeals court rejected CTA's request for a rehearing.

    By Updated June 22, 2021
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    California's logistics boom faces pushback from local communities

    Not all cities welcome an influx of trucks and large industrial facilities.

    By Gary Wollenhaupt • April 28, 2021
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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

    DOT's Buttigieg: Climate, infrastructure go hand in hand

    The secretary said the $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan would reinforce transportation networks to better withstand extreme weather.

    By Kim Slowey • April 21, 2021
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    Retrieved from The White House/YouTube on January 29, 2021

    Industry groups say Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan goes too far, and not far enough

    The American Trucking Associations voiced opposition to President Joe Biden's funding proposal, saying it is neither "politically tenable nor a reliable long-term solution to the shortfall facing the Highway Trust Fund."

    By Joe Bousquin , April 1, 2021
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    Retrieved from Business Wire.

    As EV economics improve, trucking may be the 'next big frontier' for clean transportation

    Heavy-duty trucks represent just 5% of vehicles on the road, but experts say they account for more than a quarter of overall U.S. transportation emissions.

    By Robert Walton • March 26, 2021
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    ATRI: A VMT tax faces hurdles to fund infrastructure

    The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association wrote a letter to the Senate, blasting the fee, not long before ATRI released its report.

    By March 25, 2021
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    Courtesy of TuSimple

    Help wanted: Transport startups hire for the 'sweet spot' between tech and policy

    TuSimple, Locomation and Waymo are preparing for driverless operations to hit the road. And they're recruiting Washington insiders to make it happen.

    By March 18, 2021
  • Congress takes on driver shortage, reboots divisive under-21 interstate bill

    Proponents of the DRIVE-Safe Act applaud its ability to bring young drivers into the workforce, but opponents express safety concerns.

    By March 15, 2021