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    franckreporter via Getty Images

    Should brokers expand into LTL? Yes, but don't stop there.

    3PLs and trucking firms with brokerage arms will need a menu of options that includes intermodal, parcel and LTL— and a carrier network for each one, the author writes.

    JP Wiggins • Nov. 22, 2021
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    A longshore view: CDLs for ex-offenders could ease port congestion

    Bottlenecks stem from a lack of common sense and a preference for monetary gains over solutions for the greater good, a former longshore worker writes. 

    Santura Pegram • Nov. 9, 2021
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    Megan Quinn/Transport Dive

    To go greener, fleets of all sizes need access to federal funding

    Smaller trucking firms especially will need financial assistance to adopt greener equipment. That's where the STEER Act can help, the author writes.

    Daniel Burrows • Oct. 25, 2021
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    Infrastructure spending: eye-popping but necessary

    The trucking industry can't afford to continue to foot the bill of crumbling roads and bridges, the author writes.

    Christopher Thornycroft • Oct. 4, 2021
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    Truck drivers have shown up for us. Here's how we can show up for them.

    In the constant stream of global disruptions, drivers have been the silver lining, rising to extraordinary challenges, writes C.H. Robinson's Mac Pinkerton.

    Mac Pinkerton • Sept. 15, 2021
  • The driver shortage isn't just a long-haul problem. It's a drayage problem.

    Port jams and congested supply chains make drayage life grueling for those on the ground, and drivers are fleeing in droves.

    Nimesh Modi • July 27, 2021
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    Tim Boyle via Getty Images

    Put parking in the infrastructure bill

    Research has provided the raw data necessary to inform future legislation on this issue. It's time for Congress to act, the author writes.

    David Powell • June 16, 2021
  • Archaic regulations hurt industry's ability to recruit young truck drivers

    While trucking safety technology has evolved significantly to meet the realities of 2021, age restrictions on hauling interstate loads has not, the author writes.

    Mark S. Allen • June 14, 2021
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    Permission granted by the American Logistics Aid Network, courtesy of The Home Depot. Edited by Adeline Kon/Supply Chain Dive

    Logistics firms can make a dent in climate change. I know from experience.

    The last year has shown that supply chains are amazingly resilient, but even resilience has its limits, writes Kathy Fulton, executive director of the American Logistics Aid Network.

    Kathy Fulton • June 1, 2021
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    Biden's plan pushes the limits of the definition of infrastructure

    A sweeping bill may be too overreaching to make it through Congress, the author writes.

    Eric R. Byer • May 7, 2021
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    Transport is entering the age of AI. Here are 3 ways it will accelerate efficiency.

    The trucking industry has often been unable to make a business case for the technology. But the pandemic is changing that.

    Vikas Shetty • Dec. 11, 2020
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    Retrieved from Amazon on October 09, 2020

    Not just ROI: 8 other factors fleets should consider as EV adoption accelerates

    Separating hype from reality is key to avoid falling into the "messy middle," the author writes.

    Daniel Haake • Nov. 19, 2020
  • Long-haul truckers should prepare now to transition to zero-emissions

    The more trucks there are to replace, the more pressing the need to start sorting them out, the author writes.

    Paul Stith • Oct. 13, 2020
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    Permission granted by Omnitracs

    5 ways archaic mobile technology increases driver turnover

    "Many carriers face a revolving door of new hires, and outdated technology is a key factor in trucker dissatisfaction," the author writes.

    Gary Blohm • Aug. 13, 2020
  • The need for speed in CARB's new zero-emissions trucking future

    "It's important to consider solutions that can address 'the other half' of the diesel truck market that will not be electric by 2035," the authors write.

    BJ Johnson & Julie Blumreiter • July 20, 2020
  • A well-planned Chapter 11 can save a fleet

    "Chapter 11 is intended to enable companies to restructure debts and to reorganize and revitalize their businesses. But preplanning and speed are key," the authors write. 

    Kenneth A. Rosen Mary E. Seymour Philip J. Gross • June 22, 2020
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    How delivery bots and drones will affect local commerce and the trucking industry

    Navigant Research estimates 426 million packages will be delivered globally by drone, including 92 million in North America, by 2030.

    Ryan Citron • March 25, 2020
  • Hire women in transport. It will benefit your bottom line

    While the trucking industry is historically male-dominated, study after study shows gender parity will positively affect company profits.

    Ellen Voie • March 18, 2020
  • Will coronavirus change trucking demand and rates? Watch these 4 factors

    Understanding customer supply chain struggles will help trucking executives anticipate demand changes and strengthen their relationships with shippers, DAT's Peggy Dorf writes.

    Peggy Dorf • March 11, 2020