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    Trucking visibility: Investment accelerates to meet today's challenges

    Visibility between shippers and trucking firms is no longer in the era of relying on phone calls.

    By Jen A. Miller • Feb. 28, 2022
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    3 glaring technology gaps between LTLs and their customers

    Everyone is singing a love song about LTL technology right now. But shippers and carriers are on different verses.

    By Feb. 25, 2022
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    The Transport Dive Outlook on 2022

    How are the biggest U.S. fleets planning to handle the hot market? What's in store for M&A? What trends should executives be tracking this year? Experts weigh in on what 2022 holds for the trucking industry.

    By Transport Dive staff
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    Where are they now: Standout startups, 1 year later

    Some truck-technology companies have come a long way since 2021 began, raising millions of dollars and bringing new services to market.

    By Feb. 25, 2022
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    Cummins buys Meritor for $3.7B as it eyes electric future

    The move by two of the biggest OEM suppliers signals the trucking industry is preparing for zero-emission technology to replace diesel engines.

    By Feb. 23, 2022
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    Tales from the C-suite: Tech tasks CFOs with new responsibilities

    CFO roles in the trucking industry will become more data-driven as digital tools change how they approach their strategies.

    By Feb. 22, 2022
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    Permission granted by Wallace State Community College

    For diesel techs, AR and VR headsets are changing the recruitment game

    The tools illustrate the industry's technological evolution and help combat the perception of technician jobs as "dirty" or "greasy."

    By Katie Pyzyk • Feb. 18, 2022
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    Courtesy of Waymo

    Smaller fleets are key in CH Robinson, Waymo AV test plans

    The conversation around autonomous vehicles centers on the nation's largest fleets. This partnership aims to change that.

    By S.L. Fuller • Feb. 16, 2022
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    What being in the 'messy middle' of EV adoption means for trucking

    Fleets can determine their paths to electrification by considering what equipment is available or in development.

    By Feb. 15, 2022
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    Courtesy of Embark

    Knight-Swift launches program to operate its first Embark AV

    Driver feedback is an integral part of the companies' Truck Transfer Program and will help define tools and procedures for using the technology.

    By Feb. 9, 2022
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    Courtesy of TuSimple

    TuSimple, Union Pacific forgo safety driver in new partnership

    The autonomous tech company aims to be a carrier for retailers looking for extra capacity. "It allows them to scale up or down," the CFO said.

    By Feb. 8, 2022
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    Courtesy of Volvo Lights

    Electric truck deployments could jump tenfold as interest surges, study says

    The adoption of zero-emissions trucks is not evenly represented nationwide, as 24 states don't yet have them.

    By Feb. 7, 2022
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    Courtesy of Schneider

    Power-only helps push Schneider's logistics arm to new heights

    For the first time in company history, logistics finished the quarter as the segment with the highest revenue, officials said.

    By S.L. Fuller • Feb. 3, 2022
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    Courtesy of Schneider

    Schneider's 3 strategies for betting on demand in 2022

    The transport firm already kicked off the year with a $263 million acquisition. 

    By Jan. 26, 2022
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    Deep Dive

    Battery-electric vs. hydrogen trucks: The debate heads into 2022

    As fleets eye a future with zero emissions, industry remains undecided whether BEVs or FCEVs will come out ahead.

    By Jan. 25, 2022
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    Why semi-autonomous trucks are a bridge to a driverless future

    The shift to AV technology can help curb emissions and recruit a wider range of workers, as the industry faces those issues head on, writes a PwC director.

    By Fred Duiven • Jan. 12, 2022
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    Editor's picks: Old Dominion, TFI and other 2021 stories worth revisiting

    This collection of articles was curated for transport executives who want deep insights into some of last year's most interesting topics.

    By S.L. Fuller • Jan. 2, 2022
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    The top trucking trends of 2021

    For the transport industry, 2021 may be best described as the year of the shortage. But trucking firms are creative problem-solvers.

    By Transport Dive Staff • Dec. 29, 2021
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    Courtesy of Daimler Trucks North America

    Component shortages hit EVs as Class 8 orders plummet

    While a traditional truck needs up to 500 semiconductors, an electric one could require up to 5,000.

    By Dec. 13, 2021
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    Courtesy of Amazon

    Pandemic spurs investments in wearables for truck drivers, warehouse workers

    Wearable technology offers a treasure trove of data for supply chain managers. But the question remains how to translate the data into decisions.

    By Jen A. Miller • Dec. 7, 2021
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    The US can be a leader in autonomous trucks — or get left behind

    AVs are coming, and they'll be one arrow in the logistics industry's quiver to combat capacity crises like the one that has mounted over the past 18 months, the author writes.

    By Christopher Thornycroft • Dec. 6, 2021
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    Deep Dive

    Driver referrals in the age of social media: A modern twist on recruitment

    Peer engagement demystifies the industry and creates solidarity among truckers, which can make the job more attractive.

    By Katie Pyzyk • Nov. 19, 2021
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    Loadsmart acquires digital tools to reduce empty miles

    The company has been on a mission to curb inefficiencies through transparency between shippers, carriers and 3PLs.

    By Nov. 17, 2021
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    Courtesy of TuSimple

    TuSimple readies autonomous runs to UPS hubs in Florida, North Carolina

    The autonomous truck provider's CEO said "we have some ways to go" to maximize uptime.

    By S.L. Fuller , Nov. 3, 2021
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    Cannibals, gaps, bubbles and math: 4 themes from ATA's MCE

    With a national spotlight on supply chains, attendees had plenty to discuss, and we had plenty of takeaways.

    By Transport Dive Staff • Nov. 2, 2021
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    Megan Quinn/Transport Dive

    To go greener, fleets of all sizes need access to federal funding

    Smaller trucking firms especially will need financial assistance to adopt greener equipment. That's where the STEER Act can help, the author writes.

    By Daniel Burrows • Oct. 25, 2021